Trade Coffee

As Head of Design at Trade, I was responsible for developing the look and feel of the brand and ensuring it is represented seamlessly across all channels. In addition to day-to-day design, I hired crucial members of the creative team and fostered a more design-minded product culture.

Areas of focus

Creative Leadership. More than developing the branding and visual language for Trade, I was integral in defining and building our creative team. In addition to hiring designers, I worked to instill an understanding and awareness of design across all teams.

Brand Development. Creating brand evangelism was top-priority – meeting customers exactly where they are in their individual coffee journey. At Trade, we spoke to a spectrum of coffee drinkers, from the working parent who adores their Mr. Coffee and vanilla creamer, to a home barista who starts every single morning with a pour over and swears by honey-washed Ethiopian single-origins.

User Experience. Online marketplaces can be sterile user environments. My primary goal in working through Trade’s UI/UX was to re-center the customer experience in a data-driven, human-first mindset. Some successes include increasing homepage conversion by 12% and boosting holiday sales by 3X YOY through a hyper-focused lander.

Systems Building. As Trade experiences rapid growth, the importance of building and maintaining an intuitive, navigable design system for my team was tantamount to ensuring multi-platform continuity.




I am a creative leader, visual strategist and data-driven designer who draws from 10+ years of experience building memorable, household-name brands for both established businesses and rising startups. Beyond pixel pushing, my bread and butter is developing creative teams and establishing collaborative environments, design systems and work culture in which my teams can access their own innovation and execute at the highest level.

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Creative Director
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